15 de fevereiro de 2012

ARTECH 2012 “Crossing Digital Boundaries”

Nos dias 8 e 9 de Novembro de 2012, irá realizar-se na Universidade do Algarve a Sexta Conferência Internacional de "Digital Arts"

 "It is our great pleasure to invite you to Artech 2012, the sixth international conference on Digital Arts, this time held at University of Algarve in the South of Portugal. It aims to create a forum for the emerging digital arts bringing together the scientific, technological and artistic community. The goal is to promote the interest in the digital culture and its intersection with art and technology as an important research field, but also as a common space for discussion and exchange of new experiences. Seeking to foster greater understanding about digital arts and culture across a wide spectrum of cultural, disciplinary, and professional practices, this edition of the conference also includes a strand concerned with e-learning related to art and media studies. To this end, we cordially invite scholars, teachers, researchers, artists, computer professionals, and others who are working within the broadly defined areas of digital arts, culture and education to join us.

Main conference themes are:

•    3D Environments
•    Audio-Visual and Multimedia Design
•    Creativity Theory
•    Digital Storytelling
•    e-Learning in Art and Media Studies
•    Electronic Music
•    Design and Visualization
•    Generative and Algorithmic Art
•    Interactive Systems for Artistic Applications
•    Media Art history
•    Mobile Multimedia
•    Web Art and Digital Culture
•    New Digital Media and Applications
•    Tangible and Gesture Interfaces
•    Technology in Art Education
•    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality"


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